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Our Purpose

To serve under-served girls and women by creating a welcoming environment that promotes diversity in culture, racial, and religious activities; and to provide programs that support their education, building self-esteem, self-discipline, self-care, and health care, so that they feel complete and prepared to thrive.

Our Mission

To empower all girls and women to achieve their set goals and to become productive citizens. 

Our Vision

To ensure that all girls and women succeed in achieving their set goals, no matter what they are.

Our Name 

Koha Girls, we are the daughters of the late Mr. Clement Kemba Koha Sr. and Mrs. Ruth Mamai Phillips Koha natives of Liberia West Africa from Bolahun Lofa County. Our Papa (dad) always called us his girls and encouraged us to "Be an asset, not a liability". That is why we chose to call this organization Koha Girls, Inc.  "Be an asset, not a liability" to honor our dad and the values he instilled in us.

Who We Are
   Koha Girls, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity and Massachusetts nonprofit corporation, formed in February 2019.

What We Do

We provide programs focused on building self-esteem, self-care, education, and more... 

How We Do It
One on one conversation, workshops, seminars, webinars, retreats, and much more that are tailored to the individual or group needs. 

Caring Moment

A program  to discuss  topics related to care  such as healthcare, self care, griefcare and more.

Please  join us for a moment.  

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Culture Moment

A program to discuss topics  related  to cultural awareness  / practices.

Educational Moment

A  program to discuss topics related to education .

Racial Moment

A program to discuss topics related to race and race relations.

Religious Moment

A program to discuss topics related to religion and religious beliefs.

Self-Esteem Moment

A  program to discuss topics related to building self-esteem. 

My Inspiration

My greatest inspiration for forming Koha Girls, Inc. developed from the way my sisters Phebe, Wia-Mae, Amy, and I have worked together as a team. Our parents taught us to love, care for, and support each other. And this is what we have done over the years. This kind of sisterly support has enabled us to achieve most of our goals. Such support is what we desire to provide for girls and women who perhaps have not had the chance to enjoy such in their lives.

Ruth Koha James
Founder / President / CEO

Ruth A. Amponsah

               Just A Little Help 

Sometimes we look too far away to identify people that need our help and support. But most times, the people we need to support are closer than we can imagine. Growing up in an extended family system where our parents were parents to their nieces and nephews, it has become impossible not to do the same when there is a need. Akos is the daughter of Amy, the 3rd Koha Girl. A few years ago, when Amy got sick and was unable to walk and work, it became the responsibility of the rest of us Koha Girls to ensure that Akos continued to attend school and that Amy received the medical care needed to recover. With our help and support, Akos graduated in 2019 with honors from the Orkolili Secondary High School in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania East Africa. She will be attending the University in Tanzania when schools reopen this year 2020. Amy’s health has also improved. This is what Koha Girls, Inc. is all about, helping girls and women thrive to reach their goal despite the obstacles they encounter along the way. ~Ruth Koha James

Meet Our Team

Ruth Koha James

Founder & CEO


Director of Operations

Wia-Mae Koha Mmari

Director of Education 

Amy Koha 

Director  of Programs

Caring Moment

While many are having happy holidays, the holidays can be hard for those who have lost a loved one. We care and can help make the hard holidays a little easier.  

Grief Care, Inc. and Koha Girls, Inc. merged and now provide services all under one roof.

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Holiday Caring Moment
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