Just A Little Help

Ruth A. Amponsah

Sometimes we look too far away to identify people that need our help and support. But most times, the people we need to support are closer than we can imagine. Growing up in an extended family system where our parents were parents to their nieces and nephews, it has become impossible not to do the same when there is a need. Akos is the daughter of Amy, the 3rd Koha Girl. A few years ago, when Amy got sick and was unable to walk and work, it became the responsibility of the rest of us Koha Girls to ensure that Akos continued to attend school and that Amy received the medical care needed to recover. With our help and support, Akos graduated in 2019 with honors from the Orkolili Secondary High School in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania East Africa. She will be attending the University in Tanzania when schools reopen this year 2020. Amy’s health has also improved. This is what Koha Girls, Inc. is all about, helping girls and women thrive to reach their goal despite the obstacles they encounter along the way. ~Ruth Koha James

people sitting on ground while forming round during daytime